Ozone will eliminate bacteria, viruses and odours in professional environments while boosting productivity by reducing sick days, fatigue, allergies and more.


Ozone Treatment is a safe and effective way to eliminate viruses, bacteria and home odours caused by cigarette smoke, animal smells, cooking, mold, fire and smoke, as well as chemical vapours.


Ozone Treatment is a safe and effective way to deal with unpleasant odours in your vehicle.


Ozolution uses the latest ozone technology to neutralize unwanted odours in your vehicle, home and at your place of business. With utmost care and professionalism our dedicated team will identify and eliminate the source of odours. Why expose yourself to dangerous chemicals when our eco-friendly, zero-chemical industrial grade ozone generators, are guaranteed to leave your environment smelling fresh and odour free!

Sports Equipment

Bacteria and odours caused by perspiration in sports equipment produces bacteria that can cause potentially fatal and harmful diseases.