Ozonation will eliminate unpleasant odours in professional environments and provide the environment  with clean safe breathable oxygen.

Ozolution can provide the perfect solution for solving all commercial, retail business, industrial and manufacturer odour problems.

Realtors, Landlords and Property Managers

Are you a real-estate professional, Investor, Property Manger or Landlord? We have the solution for you! Ozolution will safely eliminate odours in apartments, houses, condos, work-out rooms, kitchens or other common areas for a quicker property turn around. There is nothing more difficult than to sell or lease a property which has previous odours such as cigarette smoke, cooking odours, animal odours, mold/funghi smell or even VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) which are given off by fresh paint chemical cleaners and new carpets.

Taxi and Limousine Companies

A quick 30 minute ozonation treatment will eliminate unwanted odours caused by tobacco, alcohol, vomit, and body odours which penetrate the fabric of the seats and carpets. By removing all these unwanted odours you and your clients will benefit from fresh odourless clean air.

Gym and Locker rooms

Completely eliminate the problem of fungus, athlete’s foot, bacteria, germs, and other pathogens. Ozone, will attack odour causing micro-organisms directly, thus eliminating odours at the source.

Ozonation creates an oxidative process which circulates throughout the entire locker room, or gym, penetrating odours in even the smallest of areas (shower vents, tiny locker boxes, etc.)

Automobile Dealerships

Increase your profitability by removing all unwanted vehicle odours from previously owned and leased vehicles. Odours derived from cigarette smoke, pets, food, beverage spills, and moisture will penetrate in the seats and make these undesirable smells linger in the vehicles potentially affecting sales opportunities. Within 30 minutes Ozolution will get rid of the odours and have your vehicle smelling clean again!

Beauty and Hair Salons

Bleach, ammonia, formaldehyde, antiseptics, nail polish, removers, hail colouring, perms all contribute to horrible odours and very poor air quality for the staff and customers alike. Air quality in beauty and hair salons is amongst the most hazardous of any industry, Ozolution will neutralize the air into clean and odourless oxygen.

Schools and Daycares

Daycares are known to be germ and bacteria infested havens. Ozolution will safely eliminate bacteria, germs, and infectious diseases that are commonly present in all daycare facilities and neutralize the air into clean and odourless oxygen.

Hotels and Motels

Cleanliness and sleep quality are amongst the top contributors to repeat business. Ozolution can help you safely eliminate all unwanted odours in hotel and motel rooms. Hotel/motel guests will benefit from clean odourless air and enjoy a better night’s sleep with clean odourless air.