Ozone Treatment is a safe and effective way to eliminate bacteria, viruses and to neutralize unpleasant home odours caused by cigarette smoke, animal smells, cooking, mold, fire and smoke, as well as chemical vapours.

Cigarette smoke

Lingering cigarette odours are caused by residual phenol gasses produced by tobacco smoke. Ozone reacts with these gasses at the molecular level, effectively neutralizing them.

Animal Odours

Animal odours, especially urine odours, are some of the hardest odours to neutralize. Our advanced technique uses C20, a saturation solution, in combination with ozone applied in concentration to the specific problem area.

Cooking Odours

Lingering cooking odours such as from fish and curry are no match for ozone treatment. Ozone treatment neutralises these odours at the molecular level leaving your kitchen and home smelling fresh and odour free.


Ozone will eliminate the foul smell of mold. While, mold can be hard to eliminate from a home, ozone will stop mold from growing on surfaces. Mold not exposed to ozone such as that behind tiles or drywall will require alternative treatments.

Fire and Smoke Damage

Ozonation provides a safe and cost-effective way to completely rid your home of smoke odours. Ozone is used by our team to deodorize the home and all your belongings. Ozone is a “smoke eater” and destroys smoke odours at the molecular level.

Chemical Odours

Chemical odours are those caused by formaldehydes, radon, cleaning agents, paint fumes, etc. VOC’s (volatile organic compounds), which are highly odorous, may be released by new carpets, paints, cleaning chemicals and other building materials. Ozone reacts at a molecular level with these chemical gasses effectively neutralizing their odours.