Ozone Treatment is a safe and effective way to deal with unpleasant odours in your vehicle, caused by your pets, hockey equipment, gym bags, cigarette smoke, mold and other sources of odours.

Pet Odours

With pets being an integral part of the family, traveling with us, natural oils produced from the skin of the pets can penetrate into the seats causing undesirable odours. Accidents such as pet urine, feces and vomit omitted can also occur. Ozone safely removes these odours also disinfecting the contaminated areas.

Sport Equipment & Gym Bags

Perspiration on clothing and sports equipment cause undesirable odours which can linger. Ozone will safely removes these unwanted odours.

Cigarette Smoke

Whether your desire is to quit smoking, sell your vehicle, return a rented vehicle, or you simply want to remove the foul odour of cigarette smoke from your car, Ozolution will remove all traces of phenol gasses associated with tobacco smoke while completely removing the smoke from the surfaces.

Mold and other Odour Sources

Moisture from constant use of a vehicle’s air conditioning system is the primary source of mold. This mold will circulate throughout the vehicle whenever the ventilation system is in use.Ozolution can kill mold growing on surfaces and eliminate harmful odours by making the air safe and healthy.